Morrisville State CollegeDepartment of Agricultural Sciences

Agricultural Science A.A.S. Program

2004-2005 Curriculum

General Transfer Concentration


Fall Semester

Course Code

Course Title


ENGL 101  Language and Composition 3
MATH  Mathematics (as advised) 3
AGSC 132  Intro to Computer Applications in Precision Farming 2
AGSC 135  Computer Applications in Research I 1
BIOL  Biology (as advised)  4
  Elective* 3
  Total (Fall Semester) 16

 Spring Semester

ENGL 102  Literature and Composition 3
MATH  Mathematics (as advised) 3
ENSC 102  Botany Form and Function 3
AGRO Agronomy (as advised) 3
AGSC 137 Analysis and Interpretation of Agricultural Data 2
  Elective* 3
  Total (Spring Semester) 17

 Fall Semester

SOCS  Social Science 3
CHEM 121 General Chemistry I 4
PHYS 127 General Physics I
  Electives* 9
  Total (Fall Semester) 16
Spring Semester 
SOCS Social Science 3
ENGL 121 Introduction to Speech 3
CHEM 122 General Chemistry II 4
PHYS 128 General Physics II
  Electives* 5
  Total (Spring Semester) 16

Total Required

*This concentration meets the needs of students interested in agricultural education, cooperative extension, plant sciences, or general agriculture. Proper selection of elective courses allows this option to address a wide variety of student interest areas.

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