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Agricultural Business

Why Agricultural Business?

It is an exciting time to be an agricultural business student at Morrisville State College.  We have developed a number of new courses, strengthened our relationship with the Equine science program and the School of Business, and assisted in the development of the Morrisville State College Agribusiness Center.  The success of program reflects in the success of our students who are highly recruited for internships with very prominent NY agriculture businesses, financial institutions, and dairy farm businesses.  Examples of those businesses include:

One of every six jobs in the American economy are related to agricultural and food businesses.  The curriculum in Agricultural Business is designed to provide students with the technical and business skills necessary to be successful in our nation's largest industry.  Career opportunities in agribusiness range from managing a dairy/equine farm or to working in the banking or publishing industries.  Ample opportunities are available in the management of farm supply stores or cooperatives, agricultural input sales, working in the insurance or real estate areas, and a number of agricultural processing and manufacturing industries.  Students may also pursue a four-year degree in Agricultural Business Development, a new B.B.A. degree that was started during the 2006 fall semester here at Morrisville State College.

The Agricultural Business major is designed to allow students to custom-tailor their educational program to fit their own personal wants and desires. The major is divided into three tracks to aid in this design process.

  • The Marketing Option allows students to enroll in a number of courses in the school of business, while preparing for careers in equine and/or agricultural business by emphasizing training in management, accounting, marketing, business organization, and human resource management.  By placing more emphasis in these areas, students are encouraged to develop the management skills required to be successful in the business environment of agriculture, today and into the future.
  • The Technology Option allows students to specialize in a particular discipline, including equine science, dairy science, crop production/agronomy, horticulture, landscape, and agricultural engineering.  Each of these disciplines allows the student to develop technical and hands-on skill in a specific area while developing the business skills required to effectively manage that technology.
  • The Transfer Option provides a general curriculum which allows students to fulfill basic requirements in science, mathematics, and English before transferring to a four-year school to finish a Bachelor of Science degree. Elective classes may be taken in the Agricultural Business area.  Popular transfer colleges include Viginia Tech, Cornell University, Purdue University, and SUNY Oswego.

The Agricultural Business program also includes the "Freshman Farm Credit Experience" where students spend five Tuesday afternoons from 1:00 to 4:00 at the Farm Credit office in Sangerfield, NY.  During the five weeks, students complete a comprehensive analysis of the “Sam and Sally farm”.  Students learn to analyze financial statements, complete loan write-ups, and present loan packages to a committee of "Farm Credit" loan officers.  Other new courses include AGBS 305 (Agricultural Financial Decision Making) and AGBS 405 (Capstone for Farm Managers and Rural Entrepreneurs).  A new bachelor of business administration degree in Agricultural Business Development was recently added.  This degree program provides students with the management skills needed to make effective decisions and develop markets for agricultural products.

What are employers saying about our students?

“THANKS SO MUCH for sending Jenn our way!  She did a great job with the All-American database project earlier this year. She is learning quickly and doing a fantastic job! This will be a good start to her career - learning the publishing business and getting involved in so many of the projects that happen here – Backus catalogs, Holstein World, FlashPoint newsletter, Websites, photo library.” Kelly Driver, Advertising Manager, Holstein World.

What are students saying about our program?

“The Agriculture Business program at Morrisville State College prepared me for the real world environment. I enjoyed learning about the agriculture industry from my professors who have hands-on experience in agriculture management, banking, and marketing.”  Jenn Frost, class of 2003 - Currently employed at Holstein World in Syracuse, NY.

Campus Activities

The Agricultural Business students are very active in clubs and campus activities. Those clubs include the equine, dairy, and agronomy clubs.  Student also participate in a number of off-campus activities and field trips as demonstrated in the following slideshow.

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