Morrisville State College

2008 Review Sale Catalog (Please note that the Catalog for the 2009 Review Sale will be available here in mid August, 2009)!

2007 Autumn Review Dairy Sale

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Index (for hardcopy)

Faculty/Sale Staff
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HA Terms
Bio Security Practices

Lot 1
Hilltop-Haven GL Waytogo-ET

Lot 2
OCD Devil - Red - ET

Lot 3
Greenlea Ram - Red - ET

Lot 4
Wilson-Dale Estro Black - TW

Lot 5
First choice female
Jasper x Lamport Polly Durham

Lot 6
First choice female
Fortune x Budjon-JK Star Emress - ET

Lots 6A-6B
6A - 5 DT embryos Jasper x Empress
6B 5 DT embryos Lylehaven Lightning
x Empress

Lot 7
First choice female
Dundee or Shottle
x Budjon-JK Gibson Enchant - ET

Lot 8
First choice female
Baxter x Budjon-JK Champion Elena-ET

Lot 9
5#1 DT embryos
Pronto x Any-Day Dundee Ember-ET

Lot 10
First choice female
Shottle x Miss Astronomical Moola

Lot 11
First choice female
Boliver x Reagancrest-JDV Hannah-ET

Lot 12
Conant-Acres Out Sandra-TW

Lot 13
Pinehurst Lady Lona

Lot 14
OCD Finest Tangerine-ET

Lot 15
5#1 DT embryos
Readliner x Stonecree Factor Festive-Red

Lot 16
First choice female
Jet-Red x Stonecree Advt Arctic Red-ET

Lot 17
First choice female
Advent x Stonecree Redmn Filly-Red-ET
Redliner x Stonecree Redmn Filly-Red-ET

Lot 18
Co-Vale Talent Dora - ET

Lot 19
First choice female
Goldwyn x Co-Vale Durham Darby-ET

Lot 20
Hilltop-Haven Scotchberry-ET

Lot 21
Ovaltop Terrason Petal

Lot 22
Kings-Ransom Crsma Olive-ET

Lot 23
HigherRansom Tal Frooty-ET

Lot 24
First choice female
Jet-Red x Maple-Nook Raisin-ET

Lot 25
Pintail-Point Affirmed Reba

Lot 26
First choice female
Scientific Destry -ET
x Golden-Oaks Rmn Rae2-Red-ET

Lot 27
Jasper x VT-Pond-View E Marsha-ET

Lot 28
7 #1 DT embryos
Shottle x VT-Pond-View Milan Belle

Lot 29
7#1 DT embryos
Shottle x VT-Pond-View SB Marvel

Lot 30
First choice female
Onward or MAS x Ned-El Shottle 4862-ET

Lot 31
Oakfield-Bro Favorite-ET

Lot 32
5#1 DT embryos
Shottle x Cranberry- Mdws D Appeal-ET

Lot 33
Saxton-Hill Tequila Rose

Lot 34
Saxton-Hill Miss Tea Rose

Lot 35
6#1 DT Embryos
Canyon-Breeze Axiom-ET
x Carters - Corner SS CJ Red-ET

Lot 36
Hilltop-Haven Rampage Trixy

Lot 37
Liddleholme Best Escape

Lot 38
Forever-Hopeful Tal Favor

Lot 39
5#1 DT embryos
Skybuck x Miss Triumphant Kandt-ET

Lots 40-41
Johns Marion Aspen
Johns Marion Angie

Lots 42-43
Johns Goldwyn Apple
Johns Buckeye Jinx

Lot 44
Johns Marion Marble

Lot 45
Old-Oak Champ Marys Heart

Lot 46
4#1 DT embryos
Deslacs Shaquille-ET
x Buckhorn-Acres Rosa Red-ET

Lot 47
Kings-Ransom Pntc Ripple-ET

Lot 48
Ziems Fortune Amaretto

Lot 49
4#1 DT embryos
Talent x Ziems Durham Sweetie-ET

Lot 50
Ziems SS Duece Landry (Pending)

Lot 51
Ziems Rubens Pro IM

Lot 52
Kay-Ben Marc Steff

Lot 53
Kay-Ben Mr Sam Surprise

Lots 54-55
RS_Silversahde Advent Rosey
Imperial-Ridge Sam Shania

Lot 56
Tiger-Lily Lou Lusty

Lot 57
Muranda Sharky Lillypod-ET

Lot 58
5#1 DT embryos
September Storm x O-C-E-C Leader Filly - ET

Lot 59
5#1 DT embryos
Talent x KED Bellwood Jewell Bee -ET

Lot 60
Pineland Kite Tally - ET

Lot 61
Kulp-Dale R Rochelle-Red-ET

Lots 62A-62B
5#1 DT embryos
Shottle x Mayerlane-DK Mistress
5#1 DT embryos
Comestar Leader x Mayerlane-DK Mistress

Lot 63
5#1 DT embryos
Renaissance Triumphant
x Welk-Crest TNT Diamond

Lot 64
Silvershade Lou Bloom - ET

Lots 65-66
Stowdale Storm Start
Ziems Racer Firefly (Pending)

Lot 67
6#1 DT Embryos
Shottle x Oakfield Storm Bailey

Lot 68
5#1 DT embryos
Renaissance Triumphant
x Welk-Shade Lee Classic-ET

Lot 69
Aukema-Dairy SS Artic-ET

Lot 70
Kay-Ben Goldwyn Selena

Lot 71
5#1 DT embryos
Fortune x Globe-Run Mobro Form Magic

Lots 72-74
Spring-Fed Terrason Glow
Early-Dawn Ito Silly
Early-Dawn Durham Shira

Lot 75
Zach Dundee Satin

Lot 76
JohnBelle Clasic Tapioca-ET

Lots 77-78
Kenwoody Advent Kiss
Westan Durham Disco

Lot 79
Wormont Fabulous Elizabeth

Lots 80-81
Groeslon Lheros Lizzie
T-Farm Durham Kerri

Lot 82
Welcome Pontiac Gypsy

Lot 83
Lake-Effect Roy Darcy

Lot 84
Rohes Outside Gloria

Lot 85
Xlco Fortune Laurel - ET

Lot 86
Oscwil Fortune 9996

Lot 87
Anroscoggin Bond Harriet

Lots 88-89
Wisbee Morty Erie
Wisbee Talent Brahms

Lots 90-92
Wisbee Damion Burnett
Wisbee Rudy Proud Elude
Monanfran Stormin Lolly

Lot 93-95
Monanfran Adolph Betty
Arnoldhaven Dundee Hollye
Groeslon Xplosion

Lot 96
Markland Talent Annmarie-ET

Lot 97
Kulp-Dale Ad Lynn-Red-ET

Lot 98
Lake-Effect Whitey Maggie

Lots 99-100
Rodonwa Fortune Josie
Rodonwa Lou Johanna

Lot 101
Rama-Way Toystory Niko

Lot 102
Tiger-Lily Marsh Lemon

Lot 103
Tiger-Lily Offroad Lick-ET

Lot 104
Kings-Ransom Nif Carter-ET

Lots 105-107
Ziems Taboo PB Cup (Pending)
Quiet-Brook-D Bltz Julienne
Elm-Spring Dundee Dixie

Lots 108-110
Ransom-Rail Roy Aztly
Elm-Spring Charles Candy
Oscwil Mr Sam 9337

Lots 111-112
Imperial-Ridge Rose-Red-ET
Imperial-Ridge Rosette-ET

Lot 113
Morrill T Dino 2337-ET

Lots 114-116
5#1 DT embryos Scientific Debonair-ETS
x Kulpdale Rng Rianna Red-ET
Aukema-Dairy Astronom Lydia
Mc-Garr Farms Roy Patience

Lots 117-119
Wisbee James Proud Ecole
Wisbee Talent Buzz
Monanfran Legacy Love-TW

Lots 120-122
Monanfran Potter Roxy
Aukem-Dairy Rubens Calla
Luckyvale Garrison Morgie

Lot 123
Luckyvale Marsh Morgan