2006 Autumn Review Dairy Sale

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Sale Staff / Students
HA Terms
Bio Security Practices

Lot A
7 #1 Embryos

Jenny Lou Marshall P149-ET x Cherry Crest Rudolph Ola-ET EX 92

Lot B
5 #1 Embryos
Comestar Lee-ET x VT-Pond-View Milan Blossom EX 92

Pictures Lot C-D
Autumn-Ridge Rud Junebug VG 88

Lot C & D
7 #1 Embryos
Comestar Stormatic-ET x Autumn Ridge Rud Junebug VG 88

4#1 Embryos
Jenny-Lou Marshall Toystory -ET x Autumn Ridge Rud Junebug VG 88

Lot E
5#1 Embryos
Comestar Outside-ET x KED Bellwood Jewel Bee-ET EX 91

Lot F
5#1 Embryos
Fustead Emory Blitz-ET x Craigcrest Storm Royalty EX 90

Lots G & H
5 #1 Embryos
KHW Kite Advent Red-ET x Kulp-Dale Rubens Rose-Red 94% RHA VG 87

5#1 Embryos
KHW Kite Advent Red-ET x Willows-Edge Rubens Jolene EX 90

5#1 Embryos
Gillette Brilea FBI-ET x Robthom Neon Forbidden-ET VG 85

Lot J
4 #1 Embryos
Innwood Terrason x DA-SA-RA Flip Molly EX 90

Lot K
4#1 Embryos
Reagancrest Dundee-ET x Combhaven Counselor Charity EX 90

Lot L
3 #1 Embryos
Reagancrest Dundee-ET x Chapel-Bank Adson Favor-ET VG 85

Lot M
5 #1 Embryos
Braedale Goldwyn x Reagancrest SP Delivery-ET VG 85

Divider Page
Choices and Live Lots
Morrisville State College Dairy Club

Lot 1
First Choice Female
Jenny-Lou Marshall P149-ET x D-J Durham Sap VG 88

Lot 2
First Choice Female
Reagancrest Dundee-ET x Ms Ridgedale Pru VG 87

Lot 3
First Choice Female
Van-Wagner Allegro-ET x All-Reihl Throne Prosper-ET VG 86

Lot 4 & 4A
First Choice Female
Lylehaven Lucifer x Nowerland BW Matie-ET EX 90

5#1 Embryos
Sancho x Nowerland BW Matie-ET EX 90

Maple-Dream SS Bethany-ET

Lot 6
Kulp-Dale SS Reba Rose-ET

Lake-Effect Dundee Joslyn

Lot 8
OCD Dundee Daisy-ET

Lot 9
Co-Vale Durham Debra-ET

LOT 10
Luncrest Roy Allie-1017

Lot 11
Luncrest Zenith Emily-1004

Lot 12
Wormont James Erika-ET

Lot 13
Wormont Dundee Jonie

Pictures lot 15
O-C-E-C Encore Florence-ET EX 90
C Stewerthaven TT Fallon 2E 94

Lots 14-15
Wormont Aspen Lacy
Breezy-Knob Bond Fireworks

Lot 16
Ziems Foreman Sully VG 89

Lots 17-18
Ziems Iconic Sherry
Ziems Lyster Leslie

Pictures 19-20
Ziems Rudolph Ivy-ET VG 85
Ziems Luke Ivy VG 87
Ziems Arlinda Iguana 2E 94

Lots 19-20
Ziems Morty Iowa VG 86
Ziems Emerson R Irabie-ET VG 88

Lot 21
Autumn-Ridge Titan Mint

Lots 22-23
Autumn-Ridge Strm Manhattan GP 83
Autumn-Ridge Drm Peaches

Lot 24
Autumn-Ridge Strmt Jazzy-ET

Lots 25-26
Tyrbach Marsh Blackie VG 85
Reg. in Progress
Reagancrest Dundee-ET x Trippacres Citamatt Mickey-EX 90

Lots 27-29
Walker-Farm Best Bet
Tyrbach Hi Metro Vanna
Tyrbach Elegance Diane RC

Lot 30
Stonecree Adv Flirt-Red-ET

Lot 31
Tiger-Lily Titanic Lindy-ET

Lots 32-33
Tiger-Lily Charles 3801
Saxton-Hill Vanilla

Lot 34
Saxton-Hill Durham Token

Lot 35
Saxton-Hill Shevy

Picture 36-37
C Jerran Legend Gladys 3E 96

Lots 36-37
Saxton-Hill FI Licorice-ET
Saxton-Hill Lucky Covergirl

Lot 38
Rohes Mitzy Leduc

Lot 39-40
Rohes Corine Brett
Rohes Machoman Alexine

Lot 41-43
Rohes Alexine Inquirer
Rohes Durham Twinkie Sam
Deer-Slope Redman Ashley RC

Lot 44
Dstoneridge Freelance Gidget

Lots 45-47
Deer-Slope Champion Kristen
Deer-Slope Igniter Jupiter
Deer-Slope Blitz Zowee

Lots 48-49
Abraxas Banner Bandit
Abraxas Terrason B-Lacy

Lots 50-51
Knollwood Tab Ebony VG 85
Aukema-Dairy Zebra Blain

Lot 52
Aukema-Dairy SS Lady

Lots 53-54
Ms Cooper Casey
Danmac Durham Zina

Lot 55
Ridgedale Lee Macy VG 85

Lots 56-57
Ju-Vindale Elevation Dixie GP 84
Danmac Marshall Athena

Lots 58-59
Danmac Roy Frieda
Danmac Rock-N-Roll Christina RC

Lots 60-62
Wisbee Ramses Tabriz
Wisbee Best
Wisbee Throne Tabby

Lots 63-65
Wisbee Champion Blossom
Wisbee Adam Bevin
Wisbee Roy Panther

Lots 66-68
Elm-Spring Boss Iron Lacey
Shoemaker Adam 506
Stowdale Best Kenni

Lots 69-71
Stowdale Throne Twizler
Westan Eclipse Ragan
Westan Outside Jamie

Lots 72-73
Final Destiny Avia
Ira-Moos Starz Shine

LOTS 74-76
T-Farm Eland Vital
Early Dawn Manat Seely
Luckyvale Emerson Lolli

Lots 77-79
Hanovergreen Export Celia
Tal-Blick Leduc Jean
Tal-Blick Leduc Fritzi

Lots 80-82
Registration in progress
Tayacres Marty Pop-ET x Maiden-Blush Stardel Zara GP 80
Maiden-Blush James Bugsy
Silver-Spoon Millen Polly

Lots 83-85
Center-Vu Astronmcl Richell
Cener-Vu Pyramid Roxy
Shufarms Astro Peace

Lot 86-88
Harmony-Haven Nora Sue
Harmony-Haven Bonus Jan-TW
Harmony-Haven Bonus Ann-TW

Lots 89-90
Harmony-Haven Nora Dorothy
Harmony-Haven Pam Louise