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Teaching and Research Farm

Picture of One of the Fields at the Teaching and Research Farm
  The Teaching and Research (T/R) Farm at Morrisville State College is located in close proximity to campus. The students who take soil and crop science classes use this farm as an outdoor laboratory.  At the farm, they have the opportunity to apply the knowledge they gain in their classes.  In addition, the students pursue research projects at the farm, interpret their data, and present their results at the annual meeting of the College's Agronomy Club.
The T/R Farm includes a gamagrass project where students are evaluating the effect of various crop covers on protecting gamagrass against freeze and thaw that damages this grass.  It is a cooperative project between the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service and Morrisville State College.  The principal investigator of this project is Dr. Paul Salon from the USDA's Big Flat Plant Material Center in Corning New York.  Two additional projects are being conducted by researchers from Cornell University.  The first project entails trials on corn hybrids, conducted by Dr. William Purdy, while the second is on alfalfa by Dr. Julie Hanson.  

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