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Agricultural Mechanics, Agricultural Engineering, and Diesel Technology 



The following items and tools are required so that you will have a basic amount of equipment to enter your future vocation:

Safety glasses with clear lenses to be worn during lab periods.  Please note that this is a New York State Safety regulation which will be enforced starting the first day of classes. 

Leather work shoes (no athletic shoes) and clothes suitable for a diesel shop environment.  Since a large portion of your time will consist of actual mechanical work, these are required for your protection.

Leather welding gloves

Ear plugs

Lockable tool storage cabinet with wheels.


     Combination:  1/4 in to 1 1/4 in and 5mm to 22mm
     Flare:  3/8 in to 3/4 in and 7 mm to 21mm
     Hex (Allen):  5/64 in to 3/8 in and 1.25 mm to 10 mm
              (Socket type are recommended)

Socket drivers:
     Ratchets:  1/4 in,  3/8 in,  1/2 in
     Flex handles:  3/8 in,  1/2 in
     Breaker bar:  1/2 in

     3 in and 6 in long for 1/4 in, 3/8 in, and 1/2 in drives

Socket adapters:
     1/2 in to 3/8 in,  3/8 in to 1/2 in,  3/8 in to 1/4 in

Socket Sets:
     1/4 in drive:  7/32 in to 1/2 in and 5mm to 13mm
     3/8 in drive:  3/8 in to 13/16 in and 9mm to 19mm
     1/2 in drive:  3/8 in to 1 1/4 in and 17mm to 30 mm

Sparkplug sockets: 
     5/8 in and 13/16 in

Torx drivers:
     Male set:  8T to 60T
     Female set:  8T to 50T

     Phillips:  #1 and  #2
Flat blade:  1/8 in by 4 in,  1/4 in by 6 in,  5/16 in by 8 in, 
3/8 in by 12 in,  5/16 in by 2 in

     1 lb and 2 lb ball peen and soft face hammer
unch and chisel set
     Rolling wedge bar (lady slipper)

     Common slip-joint, needle nose, locking (vice grip), arc joint (water pump),
                     6 in or 7 in diagonal cutters, internal and external snap ring

Hack saw with blades

     Round and flat

Gasket scraper

1 in putty knife

Tape measure

6 in rule

Feeler gauge

Wire crimping/striping pliers

40 watt soldering iron

Test light

Digital multi-meter with infrared temperature measurement and frequency that is comparable to the models available from Sears/Craftsman or Snap-On.

We have special arrangements for the purchase of the required tools with Snap-On, Sears/Craftsman, and the local NAPA store (all tools are professional quality and carry a lifetime guarantee).  To receive specific information from these vendors, please contact:

Snap-On Industrial
Gary Condlin
Auto Parts of Morrisville (NAPA)
49 East Main St.
Morrisville, NY 13408

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