Timber and Lumber Measurment and Identification


Contest Description and Objectives:

Students will identify timber and scale each log (Doyle rule), calculate board footage of lumber. Logs and lumber can be from any species on the Tree Identification list. The species on this list are taken from the State FFA tree & Shrub Identification Contest. All equipment will be supplied.


Pre-Contest Preparation

Practice identifying saw logs
Practice log scaling using the Doyle scale
Practice lumber (wood) identification
Practice board footage calculations


Team Composition

2 students per team and a maximum of 3 teams per school.


Contest Rules

1. Each contestant must work individually.

2. Each contestant will be required to identify the specimens by the common name listed under the Tree Identification Contest.


Contest Location and Starting Time(s)

Wood Technology Building - Sawmill at 10:30 a. m. (contest will be indoors)



High Team - Certificate
High Individual - Certificate and Scholarship
Second High Individual - Certificate

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