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Dairy Cattle Judging


Contest Description and Objectives

Student will judge three classes of Holstein Friesian dairy animals. Two classes will be will be cow classes and a the third class will be calves or heifers. Students will rank the animals in each class from best functional type to the least desirable type and answer 5 questions for each class while the animals are in sight.


Pre-Contest Preparation

Hoards Dairymen Cow Judging Contest
Slides on Judging Cattle
Study Dairy Cattle Score Card
Farm Visits to Practice Judging and Marking Cards


Team Composition

3 teams per school; 4 students per team, but only the 3 high scores will be used to calculate the team total.


Contest Rules

1. The top three individuals from the previous year may NOT compete in this years contest.

2. Participants may take notes.

3. All students judging dairy cattle are eligible to compete for the individual prizes.


Contest Location and Starting Time(s)

Dairy Barn at 10:30 a.m. (in case of bad weather report to Horse Arena.



High Team - Certificate
High Individual - Certificate and Scholarship
Second High Individual- Certificate

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