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Dairy Showmanship


Contest Description and Objectives:

The contest will be based on the showing techniques of the contestant (fitting will not be considered). The evaluations or judging will be based on the showmanship score card for
presentation of the animal and appearance of the showman.


Pre-Contest Preparation

Study Dairy Showmanship Score Card
Practice at Local Farm
Attend County Fair or State Show and watch showmanship contest.


Team Composition

1 student per school, no team competition and winner not eligible to compete next year.


Contest Rules

1. Cows, heifers and calves will be used for the contest.

2. Depending on the number of contestants the class(s) may be split with winners showing against winners in the finab


Contest Location and Starting Time(s)

Dairy Barn at 10:30 a.m.

In case of bad weather report to Horse Arena.



High Individual - Certificate and Scholarship
Second High Individual- Certificate

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