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Employment Interview

Contest Description and Objectives:

This contest is for the purpose of reinforcing methods used in teaching units on application or employment developed for the new specialized programs of Agriculture. It will also help young men and women improve themselves through the experience of applying for a job and learning how to handle themselves during an employment interview. The contest will consist of four distinct parts which are as follows:

1. The writing of a letter of application for a specific job
2. Prepare a personal data sheet.
3. Complete an employment application form
4. Appear for a personal interview


Pre-Contest Preparation:

A personal data sheet must be prepared at home in the contestant's own handwriting and
brought to the contest to accompany the letter of application.


Team Composition:

No team competition. Up to 3 contestants from each school will compete on an individual


Contest Rules:

1. Judging will be done by three different individuals, one serving as a receptionist, one to conduct the interview and one to score the letter of application and personal data sheet.

2. The contestants will report to a room where they will be provided with paper and pencil for writing a letter of application.

3. There will be a list of 10 job openings and the contestant will select one of his choice for writing a letter of application.

4. The contestant will report to the receptionist who will provide him with an Employment Application Form and pencil for filing out prior to the interview with the interview judge.

5. Each contestant will be interviewed, one at a time, for a period of 7 to 10 minutes. The judge's questions will be phrased in such a manner to bring out the contestant's ability to respond immediately and effectively sell himself for the job opening.


Contest Location and Starting Time(s)

Marshall Hall, Room 102 at 10:30 and 11:00.



High Individual - Certificate and Scholarship
Second High Individual - Certificate


Additional Information:

REFERENCES: Agricultural Employment Interview

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"Employment Interviewing," Milton Mandell, U.S. Civil Service Commission, U.S.
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Farm Equipment Service person; Foster Farm Equipment, Vernon, N.Y.

Hardware Sales Clerk; Jones Farm Store, Elington, N.Y.

Farmer's Co-Op Store Clerk; Canton Feed Co., Whalen, N.Y.

Garden Center Salesperson; Howard's Garden Supplies, Ava, N.Y.

Greenhouse Helper; Robin's Florist Service, Newark, N.Y.

DHIC Tester; St. Lawrence Co. Ext. Service, Antwerp, N.Y.

Dairy Plant Assistant; Wilbur Dairy Co., Inc., Marion N.Y.

Saw Mill Employee; Farney & Farney Lumber, Croghan, N.Y.

Game Park Caretaker; Adirondack Game Farm, Beaver River, N.Y.

Feed Mill Delivery-person; Carter Feed & Seed Co., Green N.Y.

A similar list of job titles will be provided at the time and place of the contest for writing a letter of

PERSONAL DATA SHEET (to be completed prior to coming to contest)

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