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Tractor Driving


Contest Description and Objectives:

The students will complete a specified course with a tractor and either a trailer or


Pre-Contest Preparation:

Students can study the 4-H tractor operators training materials. Previous tractor driving is essential. Practice prior to the day of the contest is highly recommended.

Students should review the contest rules pertaining to the driving aspects of the 4-H Tractor Operations Contest, available through your local Cooperative Extension Office.Student should practice a driving course prior to the contest.


Team Composition:

There may be two students from each school. One student will compete in the tractor and trailer driving event and the other in the tractor and wagon driving event. One student may not compete in both events.


Contest Rules

1. Compliance with all appropriate safety regulations. Any member who is taking an inappropriate time to complete the course or who endangers people or equipment will be asked to leave the contest grounds.

2. The contest courses will be the same as those for the State Fair contest for the same year.


Contest Location and Starting Time(s)

Field next to the Breaking and Training Horse Barn on Hart Road at 10:30 a.m. (early arrivals are appreciated and can start at 9:30 a.m.)



High Individual - Tractor and trailer - Certificate and Scholarship
High Individual - Tractor and wagon - Certificate and Scholarship


Additional Information

1. Tractors will be typical, modern farm tractors.

2. Contestants who can arrive at the site early are encouraged to do so.

3. Please come prepared for the weather conditions.

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