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Tree Identification

Contest Description and Objectives:

Students will identify live tree specimens in the field. Between 20 and 25 trees will be numbered for identification. Below is a list from which the specimens will be chosen.

The species on this list are taken from the state FFA Tree & Shrub Identification Contest.

 Alder, Speckled (tag)  Locust, Black
 Apple, Common  Maple, Ash-leaf (Boxelder)
 Ash, White  Maple, Mountain
 Ash, Green  Maple, Norway
 Aspen, Trembling  Maple, Red
 Basswood, American  Maple, Silver
 Beech, American  Maple, Stripped
 Beech, Blue (Hornbeam, Musclewood)  Maple, Sugar
 Birch, Black  Oak, Pin
 Birch, Grey   Oak, Red
 Birch, Paper   Oak, White
 Birch, Yellow  Pine, Black
 Cedar, Arborvitae (White)  Pine, Red
 Cedar, Eastern, Red  Pine, Scotch
 Cherry, Choke  Pine, White
 Cherry, Wild Black Shadbush (Serviceberry)
 Chestnut, Horse  Spruce, Black
 Cottonwood, Eastern  Spruce, Blue
 Dogwood, Redstem  Spruce, Norway
 Dogwood, Silky  Spruce, Red
 Elm, American  Spruce, White
 Fir, Balsam  Sumac, Staghorn
 Fir, White (Concolor)  Sycamore
 Fir, Douglas  Tuliptree (Yellow Poplar)
 Hawthorne (Thornapple)  Walnut, Black
 Hemlock, Eastern  Witch-Hazel
 Hophornbeam, Eastern  Yew Canadian
 Larch, American (Tamarack)  
Pre-Contest Preparation
1. the field study of specimens.

2. the study of multiple identification features for each specimen (i.e. leaves, bark, twigs and fruit for deciduous trees).

3. students should anticipate sparse foliage on deciduous plants on the contest date.

Team Composition:
The contestants are limited to two member teams. Up to three teams can be entered.
Contest Rules

1. Each contestant must work individually.

2. Each contestant will be required to identify the specimens by the common name listed above.

3. Each contestant must bring a clipboard and several pencils.

Contest Location and Starting Time(s)

Charlton Hall Room 117 at 10:30 a.m.

High Team - Certificate
High Individual - Certificate and Scholarship
Second High Individual - Certificate

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