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Contest Description and Objectives:

The student will make the following welds on mild steel plate.

1. Butt
2. Lap
3. T-Fillet

The student will identify the following metals.

1. Cast Iron
2. Medium Carbon Steel
3. Cooper
4. Aluminum
5. Tool Steel

The spark test may be used in the identification of the above.

Pre-Contest Preparation

Students should practice with an electric welder using A.C. and D.C. (positive) polarities with 6011 and 7018 rods on metal in butt, lap and T positions. Students should review the characteristics of the metals listed above and practice preforming a spark test.

Team Composition:

Two students per team and the maximum of three teams per school.

Contest Rules

1. Practice time will be given to get familiar with the machine. A.C./D.C. machines will be used.

2. An E6011, E6013 or E7018 electrode will be used.

3. Welds will be scored for bead appearance (external penetration).

4. Weld specimens will be reviewed in the presence of the contestant and suggestions will be made for improving the quality of the weld (time permitting).

5. 15 minutes time will be allowed for the three welds.

Contest Location and Starting Time(s)

Galbreath Hall, Room 160 at 10:30 a.m.


High Team - Certificate
High Individual - Certificate and Scholarship
Second High Individual - Certificate

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