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Bill Snyder's Annotated Bibliography
for the
Study of Aquaculture and Aquatic Science

I often receive requests for titles of books which may be used to develop a foundation for aquatic studies. The following are various texts which I have found particularly useful:

Applied Biochemists. 1983. How to Identify and Control Water Weeds and Algae, 3rd edition. Applied Biochemists, Inc., Mequon, Wisconsin

Aquatic plant identification for the layman. Nice illustrations. I've required it as a textbook for years. Sporadic availability.

Bennett, G.W. 1970. Management of Lakes and Ponds, 2nd edition. Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York

Classic textbook on managing waters for production. Covers types of lakes, community dynamics, and theory of fish management. Very readable!

Bond, C.E. 1996. Biology of Fishes, 2nd edition. Saunders College Publishing/Harcourt Brace, Orlando, Florida

College-level textbook on ichthyology. Nice chapters on ecology and management. My favorite.

Boyd, C.E. 1990. Water Quality in Ponds for Aquaculture. Birmingham Publishing Company, Birmingham, Alabama

Although aimed at the aquaculturist, this text provides a pretty broad- spectrum education in water quality theory and management.

Cole, G.A. 1994. Textbook of Limnology, 4th edition. Waveland Press, Prospect Heights, Illinois

Good mid-level text on lake, river and estuarine systems. Pretty decent coverage of community dynamics. This is the required text for my Aquatic Ecology class since Reid and Wood is out of print.

Nielsen, L.A. and D.L. Johnson, editors. 1983. Fisheries Techniques. American Fisheries Society, Bethesda, Maryland

The basic techniques manual for the fisheries professional. Includes chapters on sampling design, fish handling, and most of the basic sampling techniques and theory.

Parker, R. 1995. Aquaculture Science. Delmar Publishers, Albany, New York

High school level text on aquacultural science. Not bad.

Piper, R.G., I.B. McElwain, L.E. Orme, J.P. McCraren, L.G. Fowler, and J.R. Leonard. 1982. Fish Hatchery Management. United States Fish and Wildlife Service, Washington, DC

The bible for fish culturists. Nothing on water reuse systems though.

Reid, G.K., and R.D. Wood. 1976. Ecology of Inland Waters and Estuaries, 2nd edition. Van Nostrand, New York

Don't know why this is out of print. If you can find some copies of this, buy them all. Steve Bero, of Liverpool High School, actually found a mint copy of this and gave it to me. Steve, you're a prince.

Renn, C.E. 1968. A Study of Water Quality. LaMotte Chemical Products Company, Chestertown, Maryland

One of LaMotte's pocket-books. Gives an overview of hydrology and water quality considerations. Not bad.

Renn, C.E. 1970. Investigating Water Problems. LaMotte Chemical Products Company, Chestertown, Maryland

A LaMotte pocket-book on water quality. Written for the layman. Not bad.

Schreck, C.B., and P.B. Moyle, editors. 1990. Methods for Fish Biology. American Fisheries Society, Bethesda, Maryland

A companion text to Nielsen and Johnson's Fisheries Techniques. Wonderful chapters on ecology and on maintaining live fishes.

Wetzel, R.G. 1975. Limnology. Saunders College Publishing, Philadelphia

The premier text on limnology. Written for the professional. Excellent reference for the individual who doesn't want to wade through the eight billion volumes of Hutchinson's "Treatise on Limnology."

This list is evolving, so please bookmark this site to check for future additions!

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