Reading List

Textbook codes given in bibliography, below.


Week 1

Lec: Introduction to Course; History of Aquaculture & Feeding, History of the Ration, Influencing Factors

FHM pp 208-210, 210-212

Lab: Calculation of Conversion Rates, Daily Rations, and Date of First Feeding

FHM pp 239-245
TFF pp 12-17


Week 2

Lec: Feeding Ecology & Behaviors; Benefit/Cost Ratios; Costs of Feeding

PFS pp 179-190
MLP pp 90-109, 114-125, 160-174
BF pp 426-432

Lab: Fish Anatomy: Adaptions to the Feeding Niche; Dissection: Brook Trout

Handout: Digestive Anatomy of Selected Fishes
FHM pp 212-213
WWFC pp 245-272
BF pp 418-426, 432-436


Week 3

Lec: Ecology of Growth; Fish Condition

FHM pp 60-61
MLP pp 109-114
BF pp 446-449

Lab: Fish Anatomy: Basic Digestion; Dissection: Tilapia

WWFC pp 273-277
BF pp 436-440


Week 4

Lec: Food Destiny Equation

NRF pp 3-6
BF pp 444-446

Lab: Fish Anatomy: Dissection: Lamprey

Handout: Lamprey Anatomy


Week 5

Lec: Nutritional Energetics

MFB pp 389-403
Handout: Nutritional Energetics of Fishes

Lab: Fish Anatomy: Dissection: Dogfish

Handout: Shark Anatomy


Week 6

Lab: Calculation of Total Gain, Monthly Gain, and Monthly Rations

FHM pp 246-248


Week 7

Lec: Basic Nutritional Elements: Proteins

FHM pp 213-217
NRF pp 6-13
WWFC pp 273-301
BF pp 440-444
TFF pp 1-6

Lab: Computer Modelling: Stella


Week 8

Lec: Basic Nutritional Elements: Energy Sources: Fats & Carbohydrates

FHM pp 217-227
NRF pp 13-16

Lab: Computer Modelling: Stella


Week 9

Lec: Basic Nutritional Elements: Vitamins, Minerals, & Water

FHM pp 227-231
NRF pp 16-32

Lab: Computer Modelling: Stella


Week 10

Lec: Non-Nutritive & Anti-Nutritive Feed Components

FHM pp 231-233
NRF pp 33-42
Handout: Supplemental Phytase in Catfish Diets
Handout: Control of Aflatoxicosis in Rainbow Trout and Steelhead
Handout: A New Approach for Control of Mycotoxin

Lab: Analysis of Feed Labels

Handout: Feed Labels


Week 11

Lab: Calculation of Dates of First Feeding, Feed Sizes & Switch Over, and Long-term Ration

FHM pp 257-259


Week 12

Lec: Feed Stuff Management

FHM pp 236-238

Lab: Feed Formulation & Preparation; Pearson's Square

FHM pp 234-236
NRF pp 43-54
TFF pp 6-12


Week 13

Lec: Site Visit: Tunison Lab
Lab: Site Visit: Tunison Lab


Week 14

Lec: Natural Feeding & Fertilization

FHM pp 233-234
WWFC pp 148-197

Lab: Stomach Content Analysis

FT pp 325-336


Week 15

Lec: Feeding Practices

FHM pp 238-259
NRF pp 55-61
TFF pp 17-24
Handout: Limiting Feed Intake by Fish





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