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Fiery Fall Foliage Anyone?  

I know that the fall season is winding down here in Morrisville, but there are still a few brilliant beauties out there. One of these late fall splendors is one of my favorites. This plant is a shrub that has such fiery red fall foliage right now that you can’t help but notice it. Yes, you have all seen it here on campus. There are two large hedgerows of this shrub at each end of the quad. As for those of you that do not attend Morrisville, you can see it just about anywhere you go.

Can anyone guess what this shrub is yet? Well, if not let me tell you what it is and give you a little factual info on this shrub. The shrub I am speaking of is Euonymus alatus or what is commonly known as a Burningbush, hence the name from its fiery red fall color.

Burning Bush

So I known you are all dying to known more about this shrub, Burningbush. Right? It is a magnificent shrub that can grow to be 10 to 20 feet tall. A Burningbush can also be considered a small tree because of this possible height. Hardiness is not an issue for this shrub in the Morrisville area for a number of reasons. One reason is that there are no serious problems with pests and it is easily transplanted in a large range of different areas. Another way the Burningbush is hardy, which directly relates to where it can be planted, is its USDA zone 4 rating for winter hardiness. What zone 4 means is that this shrub can be planted in an area that has an average annual minimum temperature as low as –20 F. Just to let you all know, Morrisville is a zone 4 area. Zones are rated from 1 to 11 with 1 having the lowest temperature, -50 F, and 11 having the highest temperature, 50 F. So as you can see this is a tuff shrub that has a late fall season foliage that is nothing short of spectacular.

Not only can you enjoy this shrub as its own but it is also a great border or barrier hedgerow. No matter how you use it, you cannot deny the impact of its red fall foliage. So as you are walking about campus or in your hometown take the time to stop and admire the brilliant fall color of the Burningbush. I don’t believe that anyone can walk by this fiery fall foliage without taking a glance. I know I can’t.

Plant Nerd

Erin Keida 08