Morrisville State College



Hydroponics at Morrisville College is a student-run enterprise of Morrisville State College's Horticulture Institute. Students in Horticulture Production, our greenhouse growing curriculum, grow, manage, and market various crops. Hydroponic crops include: tomato, lettuce, and herbs.

Students develop sophisticated horticultural skills while learning management and business practices. Modular systems allow students to experiment with fertilization and production practices. Hydroponic tomato production has been an unqualified success. Morrisville grown tomatoes (affectionately called MO'matoes) are in high demand.

Produce is marketed by horticulture students to the campus dining hall and to the public from our student-run flower shop, as well as, the local Farmers Market during the summer. You can also find our fabulous tomatoes on the menu at the Copper Turret. Read more about MO'matoes.