Department of Horticulture - Contacts

Do you have questions? Need more information?
Here's how you can reach us:

Admissions Office
web page
(315) 684-6046, or toll free 1-800-258-0111

Horticulture Department Faculty:

Bob Hasegawa, Instructional Support, Greenhouse \ Production Manager

Kelly Hennigan, Assistant Professor, Botany and Plant Propagation, 684-6773
Aida Khalil, MLA. Assistant Professor, Landscape Architecture, Design, and Development, 684-6775
David Soucy, Department Chair, Plant ID, Greenhouse Production, and Floral Design, 684-6772

Department Facilities:

Spader Flower Shop: 684-6242 Landscape Architecture Studio: 684-6098
Spader Greenhouse: 684-6242 Fax: (315) 684-6527