Morrisville State College



This is a major for people who love to grow plants! Horticulture Production is a curriculum that includes: Greenhouse Production, Growing & Management, Nursery Growing & Management, and Hydroponic Growing, and new additions: Plant Breeding and Micro-Propagation.

Students have an opportunity to grow various crops including: poinsettia, Easter lilies, stargazer lilies, potted mums, azalea, cut-flower alstromeria, orchids, african violets, hydroponic tomatoes, & gerbera daisies. Our spring crops are fantastic! Greenhouse students grow a large selection of bedding plants, patio pots, vegetable plants, and hundreds of beautiful hangings. Our year-end plant sale has become a major horticulture event in Central New York.

This unique college horticulture program has benefited from the recent construction of state-of-the-art greenhouses, installation of a reverse-osmosis water system, and the addition of a Plant Tissue Culture Lab. We strive to provide you with a practical, hands-on training to prepare you for an exciting career in grower in production horticulture, greenhouse management, plant propagation, plant developement....