Programs of Study





Learn the art and craft of floral design. You'll get hands-on experience in our flower- shop, working on event flowers or in floral design classes.


Landscape Development

& Management

Learn plant materials identification and care, landscape design, installation, and maintenance. Landscaping is an exciting and dynamic career choice. After two years you'll be ready to work in this fast-growing industry.


Landscape Architectural Studies AS

Begin your training with us. This curriculum will start you on your way to becoming a Landscape Architect.



Horticulture Production

Do you like to grow plants? In this concentration you'll get an opportunity to grow a wide variety of horticultural crops in our brand new facility from traditional production to hydroponics.

General Transfer

Many horticulture graduates choose to continue their education at another college. This concentration will allow you to fulfill the transfer requirements of most four-year colleges.