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The 83rd Annual Highschool Judging Contest

The 83rd Annual Highschool Judging Contest was held at Morrisville State College on the 2nd of November 2001 (click here to view pictures of the contest).  The School of Agriculture and Natural Resources sponsored this event with more than 400 highschool students from across New York State participating in a wide variety of contests. In addition to the contests, other activities were scheduled to increase the awareness of the students of the programs of study that are offered at Morrisville State College and what the College has to offer.

Individual contest winners (first place) will receive a $250 scholarship when they matriculate to a program in the School of Agriculture and Natural Resources (click here to view the results).  Also, students who completed name and address cards at the contest and talk/tour sites will be eligible for the following prizes: a Morrisville College sweatshirt, T-shirt, and hat.

Registration Forms

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bulletProgram Talk, Tour, and Open House Schedule
bulletContest Schedule and Locations
bulletPrintable Campus Map


bulletAir Cooled Gas Engine Trouble Shooting
bulletCrop Judging
bulletDairy Cattle Judging
bulletDairy Showmanship
bulletDiesel Trouble Shooting
bulletEmployment Interview
bulletFarm Business Management
bulletHorse Judging
bulletHorticulture Plant Identification
bulletTimber and Lumber Measurement and Identification
bulletTractor Driving
bulletTree Identification
bulletWildlife Identification

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The 82nd Annual Highschool Judging Contest

The 82nd Annual High School Judging Contest was held on October 13, 2000 (click here to view pictures of the contest).  The results of this contest can be accessed through the following links:

2000 Team Results*
2000 Individual Scores

*Click here to download Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™ which is a free software that lets you view and print Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files.

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