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GPS/GIS Facilities

The school of Agriculture and Natural Resources currently has facilities for both global positioning systems (GPS) and geographic information systems (GIS).  Our existing GPS facility consists of a roving unit for field measurements and a GPS base station installed in 201 Charlton Hall for post-processing differential GPS (DGPS). A computer software is utilized to differentially-correct and plot DGPS data.  These units are currently being used in a variety of applications, especially in classroom instruction. Picture of a GPS System on a Pickup Truck


GPS utilizes specially-coded satellite signals that can be processed in a GPS receiver, thereby enabling the receiver to accurately mark our position on earth. The GPS base station located in Charlton Hall to provide for improving the accuracy of measurements of standard GPS. The School’s current GIS facilities center around the ArcView GIS software (a product of the Environmental Systems Research Institute, ESRI).  Several licenses of ArcView GIS are currently being used for classroom instruction and student projects.  Several courses offered within the School currently utilize the GPS/GIS technology to varying degrees, ranging from simple utilization of GIS (and GPS) to detailed coverage of this important information technology. The GIS software is also being used for mapping College’s fields and conducting research.
GIS maps developed of the T/R Farm

Introduction to ArcView GIS

GPS technology


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