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Casino Management Organization (CMO)

CMO becomes Booster to the MSC Hockey Team.
Students Supporting Students

The Casino Management Organization (CMO) is an organization based around the students of the Gaming and Casino Management major at Morrisville State College. Although the majority of the members of CMO are currently Gaming and Casino majors, all students are welcome.

Membership categories are: student, education/faculty, and industry.

CMO Board members meet with Senator Valesky
2004-2005 Officers

President: Shane Barrow
Vice President: Barbara Chesebro
Secretary: Marvin Phillips
Treasurer: Ray Prota
SGO Representative: Michael Zapach


For more information on the CMO, meeting information and/or related events, contact Shane Barrow at barrow04@morrisville.edu.

For meeting minutes contact Marvin Phillips at philli08@morrisville.edu.

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