Morrisville State College - Fall 2009

Morrisville Campus Course Sections (as of April 22, 2009)

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BIOL 285 - General Microbiology
The biology of microscopic organisms including bacteria, fungi, protozoa, algae, and viruses. An introduction to basic principles of microbiology, with an emphasis on morphology, classification, cultivation, growth, physical and chemical controlling agents, antibiotics, host-parasite interactions, host immunity, and applications of microbiology. The lab includes practical laboratory applications of basic microbiological principles, specimen taking, and interpretations of test results. Prerequisite: Placement in BIOL 120 or higher or completion of a one semester college –level biology course with a grade of C- or better. 4 credits (3 lecture hours, 2 laboratory hours), fall or spring semester This course satisfies SUNY General Education Requirements for “Natural Science” These credits count toward the Math and/or Science (List B) requirements for graduation.