Morrisville State College - Fall 2018

Morrisville Campus Course Sections (as of June 25, 2018)

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GNED 203 - Peer Tutor Training I
This course is designed to train students to become peer tutors. It introduces students to the theory and practice of tutoring. Such topics as the definition of tutoring, tutor responsibilities, basic tutoring guidelines, techniques for beginning and ending a session, learning theory, handling difficult students, role modeling, goal setting and planning, communication skills, active listening and paraphrasing, referral skills, study skills, critical thinking skills, ethics, and problem solving skills will be covered. Satisfactory completion of this course meets the tutor training requirements for the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) Level I Peer Tutor Certification. Pre-requisite: Completion of 12 college-level credits, grade of ‘B’ or better in course(s) to be tutored, and permission of instructor. 1 credit (15 week hybrid course), fall and spring semesters