Morrisville State College - Fall 2018

Morrisville Campus Course Sections (as of May 20, 2018)

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HPHP 201 - Exercise Physiology II
HPHP 201 will continue the study the body’s acquisition and use of energy to fuel daily activities and exercise, but with a more in depth view than was covered in the pre-requisite HPHP200 course. Students will become familiar with the chemical reactions involved in these energetic processes. The body’s nervous system, and how electronic signals are sent throughout the body in order to elicit a required response. This will serve as a foundation for a more in depth discussion of the cardiac conduction system, and how the conduction of electricity through the heart can be mapped on an ECG. Students will also investigate the respiratory system, acid-base & temperature regulation, and how these factors adjust in response to exercise. Time permitting, training for higher performance will also be investigated. Prerequisite: HPHP 200 4 credits (3 lecture hours and 3 laboratory hours per week), spring semester