Morrisville State College - Fall 2009

Morrisville Campus Course Sections (as of April 22, 2009)

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MATH 152 - Analytic Geometry&Calculus II
Topics include: Differentiation and integration of logarithmic, exponential and inverse trigonometric functions; Applications including growth and decay, finding areas, volumes, centroids, fluid pressure, work, and arc length; Techniques of integration; Indeterminate forms with L’Hopital’s Rule; Improper integrals. (TI-83 plus or TI-84 plus required. TI-Nspire or similar calculator is not allowed.) Prerequisite: MATH 151 (C or better required) or equivalent 3 credits (3 lecture hours), spring semester These credits count toward the Math and/or Science (List B) requirements for graduation. Students who successfully complete MATH 152 will fulfill the SUNY General Education requirement for Mathematics..