Morrisville State College - Fall 2017

Morrisville Campus Course Sections (as of April 29, 2017)

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NURS 450 - Public Comm Family Hllth Nurse
This course guides the learner in developing knowledge and skills in population-based nursing, emphasizing the concepts and theories of family and community health within the context of essential public health services. Professional nursing roles are used for planning, directing and coordinating health promotion and illness prevention activities for a family, group or community as client. The learner applies knowledge of patient and family-centered care, evidence based practice, informatics, leadership and professionalism in a 45 hour clinical experience, epidemiology, organizational communication, cultural competence and quality and cost effective measures to implement nursing care in community settings. The theory component of this course is delivered online, with enhanced electronic communications requiring Blackboard; Adobe Connect with webcam & USB headset; Microsoft Office [WORD, PowerPoint and Excel 2010 or higher] and the Internet. Prerequisites: All 300 level nursing courses, with a C+ or better Pre/Co-requisite: BIOL 302 5 credits (2 public health/community lecture hours; 2 family lecture hours, 1 clinical hour at 3:1 ratio (45 clinical hours), fall semester