Curriculum Committee Meeting Minutes Archive

College Senate

The Curriculum Committee discusses, studies, and makes recommendations to the College Senate concerning changes to the curriculum including those involving new courses or programs, changes to how courses meet general education requirements, changes to the levels of courses, changes to the number of credit hours, changes in prerequisites, and any substantial changes to programs or courses that affect the course offerings of other departments.

The Curriculum Committee represents the faculty and student body in reviewing the Morrisville State College curricula, including both substantial changes to current courses and programs as well as the addition of new courses and programs. The committee meets on the first and third Thursday of each month; there are also some additional meetings scheduled as needed.

The Curriculum Committee Meeting Minutes are archived online for your convenience. Access to the meeting minutes requires a valid Faculty/Staff username and password. You will only need to log in once to view all minutes.

Committee Chair

John D. Felton
Associate Professor
(315) 684-6476

Committee Recorder

Amanda L. Babirad
Senior Assistant Librarian
(315) 684-6055