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TAP (Associate Degree) - 3030
TAP (Bachelor Degree) - 6030

Financial Aid

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Satisfactory Academic Progress for Federal Aid

Financial Aid

Cumulative Average

Students with a cumulative or semester grade point average of less than 2.0 may be issued an academic warning or dismissal from the college. The financial aid standard will parallel the college standard for academic warning, and if an academic warning is received, students will be put on financial aid warning as well. Academic progress is defined both by satisfactory cumulative average and by number of credits completed.

The decision to warn or dismiss will be made by the school academic review committee after considering the student's record using the following guidelines:

SemesterGPAAction Taken by Academic Review Committee
FirstLess than 1.0Dismissal
First1.0-1.69Dismissal or Academic Warning
First1.7-1.99Academic Warning
SecondLess than 1.5Dismissal
Second1.5-1.99Dismissal or Academic Warning
ThirdLess than 2.0Dismissal or Academic Warning
Fourth and AboveLess than 2.0Dismissal or Academic Warning
Students may not be allowed to continue in a specific academic program if prerequisite courses are not satisfactorily completed.

Full Time Credit Hours Completed

Full-time students (minimum of 12 credit hours per semester) shall be considered meeting the standards of academic progress if they complete their degree within a maximum time frame of six semesters or a three-year period according to the following minimum credit hours per year:

Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5
If the student is in attendance only one semester of an academic year (August to August), one-half of the credit requirements outlined above will constitute satisfactory academic progress.

Part Time Credit Hours Completed

Part-time students (minimum of six credit hours per semester) will be required to complete their studies in a maximum time frame of 12 semesters or six years, according to the following schedule:

Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6
No student will be eligible for Federal Aid if he/she has not completed his/her degree within 150 percent of the normal time required to complete the degree.