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Federal - 002859
TAP (Associate Degree) - 3030
TAP (Bachelor Degree) - 6030

Financial Aid

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Native American Assistance

Financial Aid

United States Bureau of Indian Affairs Aid (BIA) to Native Americans is awarded by the Bureau of Indian Affairs to eligible applicants. To be eligible an applicant must be at least one-fourth American Indian, Eskimo, or Aleut; be an enrolled member of a tribe, band or group recognized by the Bureau of Indian Affairs; be enrolled in or accepted for enrollment in an approved college or university; and have financial need.

For grants to be awarded in successive years, satisfactory progress toward a degree and financial need must be demonstrated. Depending on availability of funds, grants may also be made to graduate students and summer session students. Eligible married students may also receive living expenses for dependents.

Application forms may be obtained from the Bureau of Indian Affairs Office, U.S. Department of the Interior. An application is necessary for each year of study. An official needs analysis from the college financial aid office is also required each year. Each first time applicant must obtain tribal enrollment certification from the Bureau agency or tribe which records enrollment for the tribe.