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What does it mean to be a Humanities major?
A Humanities major is a person who is interested in looking for answers to life's big questions. What is my purpose in life? What does it all mean? A Humanities major may also be a person who is interested in teaching or expressing him or herself through writing, music, theatre, the arts.

What kinds of classes do Humanities majors take?
Humanities majors study communication through writing, literature, film, philosophy, foreign language, music, art, and/or theatre. In addition, they take classes in Social Science, such as history, psychology, sociology, economics and/or anthropology.
What kind of job can I expect to get after graduation?
Don't expect a company to lure you with a $100,000 salary. A two year degree in the Liberal Arts-Humanities, however, should get you an entry level position with a company. You will have good communication skills, computer literacy, and a solid core education. These are the "basics" to get an introductory break in the employment field today.
What if I don't like the courses I am taking?
Sometimes students decide to major in the Liberal Arts (Humanities or Social Science) because they are not sure what they want to do. Then, after taking a few Liberal Arts courses, they decide they don't much like reading stories or writing papers or studying the psychology of gender. In that case they should consult with their Advisor and schedule available courses in other subjects they think they would like to try.
Why do I have to take a science with lab?
An "educated" person in today's world is a person who has had exposure to the world of science. Part of the world of science includes an understanding of the "scientific method", which includes an understanding of experimentation. Science with a lab gives students this exposure and helps them understand the world we live in. Liberal Arts students frequently decide to take biology, but physics, chemistry, geology, and other science with lab classes are available.
Do I have to take math?
Humanities majors are required to take 9 credits in math and/or science. While math is not required, it is strongly recommended. The State requires that students demonstrate math competency in order to receive a four-year degree. Many students at Morrisville take MAGN 101 to strengthen their math skills. This course counts as an elective and is a good preparation for MATH 102.
What does my Advisor do?
Your Advisor is a fulltime Humanities or Social Science faculty person, who works with you on all your academic needs. She or he will discuss your interim and final grades with you, will help you select courses to take, will advise you about adding or dropping a course, will listen if you are having difficulty in a course and advise a course of action. She or he is “there for you” to tend to routine matters like pre-registration and to help you in special circumstances.
How do I find out who my Advisor is?
Your Advisor’s name is printed in the top right hand corner of your class schedule. It is also posted on a list outside the Liberal Arts Office (223 Crawford Hall).
I’m planning on transferring after graduation, but I don’t know how to go about it. What should I do?
Talk with your advisor. He or she handles this kind of situation frequently and will have helpful advice. You might also contact Tim Penix, who is in charge of placement and transfer for the college. His email address is
Will all my credits transfer?
Yes, for the most part, they will. The courses you have taken are common college courses everywhere; however, not all Physical Education and Music credit will transfer. If you graduate with your A.A. degree, all your credit will transfer, depending on what college you transfer into. Morrisville State College has many articulation agreements with other SUNY schools, which makes this possible. On the other hand, if you transfer before graduating, colleges will not accept courses in which you earned a grade of C- or less.
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