Online Course Description

Summer Courses / May-August, 2014

SPAN 102 LN2: Beginning College Spanish II

This course is designed to strengthen Spanish listening, speaking, reading and writing skills acquired in Elementary Spanish I.
Emphasizes the ability to use and understand Spanish in context using a communicative approach through a variety of individual activities, e-partner work, pronunciation, reading and writing assignments familiarizing the students with the sound and structure of Spanish. Elements of Hispanic culture, customs
and geography will continue being present. This course is not designed to meet the needs of heritage or native speakers of Spanish.
Students who successfully complete Span 102 on-line will be prepared to continue with Span 201 in a regular classroom or on-line.

Credits: 3
Prerequisites: SPAN 101 with a C grade or better, or 1-2 years of high school Spanish - Course I and II
Instructor: Bliss
CRN: 30612
Run Time: June 30 - August 8

Required Books:
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