Online Course Description

Spring Courses / January-May, 2014

BSAD 140: Business Communications (Morrisville Campus)

Upon completion of this course, a student will be able to: effectively communicate in written and spoken English; analyze the audience, plan and compose business documents (negative letters, positive letters, informational letters); plan and prepare for employment interviews, resume writing and follow up letters after the interview; gather and present information in presentation format, newsletter format, as well as professional letter and memorandum format; understand the importance of and improve upon listening skills, nonverbal communication skills and global diversity that exists in today's workplace; discuss negative wording, positive emphasis and improve upon basic punctuation and grammar skills necessary for effective writing.

Credits: 3
Prerequisites: COMP 101 with a C or better
Instructor: Doyle
CRN: 15076
Run Time: Full Term

Required Books:
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