International Student - Venus Ho

You get a lot more opportunities in leadership roles and you have the ability to make a difference!
You get a lot more opportunities in leadership roles and you have the ability to make a difference!Venus Ho
Agricultural Business
Hong Kong, China

International Student - Kavanpreet Jaggi

यहाँ आकर, मोर्रिस्विल्ले स्टेट कॉलेज ने मुझे सिखाया की किस प्रकार ज़िम्मेदार और स्वतन्त्र होना छयैये
Morrisville State College has taught me how to be responsible and independent.Kavanpreet Jaggi
Business Administration

International Student - Cassandra Edmondson

I was able to have lots of hands on experience.

I was able to have lots of hands on experience.Cassandra Edmondson
Human Performance and Health Promotion B.S.
Ontario, Canada

International Admissions


Why Choose SUNY Morrisville

  • Ranked Top Tier Best Regional North College in US News & World Report
  • 1 of 23 SUNY institutions recognized as Top College in US News & World Report
  • Ranked 2nd for outperforming anticipated graduation metrics by US News & Report
Student Life
  • SUNY Morrisville is one of the most diverse institutions within the SUNY system.
  • International students at Morrisville are active participants in the classroom while immersing themselves in American culture by living in our residence halls, competing on our athletic teams, and becoming leaders in student clubs and organizations.

The campus has a variety of facilities available for students to grab a meal, snack, or beverage. Each facility offers a different concept:

Academic Support
  • Writing/Tutoring Center - The Tutoring Center provides academic support for the various disciplines by offering a tutor program that fosters student independence, stimulates active and independent learning, and builds students' confidence in their own abilities.
  • International & Scholar Services (ISS) - The ISS office attempts to meet the individual academic, social, and other needs of international students. At Morrisville, an emphasis is placed on students becoming actively engaged in learning from their American experience.
Student Housing
  • Commons I & II - The Commons offer an apartment-style living option. Each apartment includes four single bedrooms, a livingroom, dining area, kitchen, and one and a half bathrooms.
  • Residence Halls - Morrisville students can choose from 10 on-campus residence halls offering a range of lifestyle options including a "quiet" dorm, traditional double, single, split-double, or suite-style rooms.