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Hi, my name is Venus. Yes, like the planet. I am an international student from Hong Kong, just like New York City but in China.

I transferred to Morrisville from a big university over 25,000 people. Rather than being another student in a big university, I experienced the family-likes atmosphere here in Morrisville. You will know, or at least recognize everyone on campus. You will know your professors. You are not just one out of the hundreds student in your professor's mind, they will know your name and your face. You will have the opportunity to talk and make lifelong friends with your professors.

Being in the countryside keeps me away from all the temptations living in the city. I can focus on my studies and get involved in extra-curricular activities. Colleges in the cities don't have a lot of school spirits. Most people commute. At Morrisville, a lot of people live on campus, there are always things going on in the weekends. I enjoy hanging out with friends and go to a home game or go to movie nights at school. I think this is part of college life and most importantly, everything is absolutely free.

Morrisville is known for its Agricultural studies therefore I came here to pursue my degree in Agricultural Business. Food is never ending demand. I want to work in an agribusiness and my goal is to feed the world.

Being in a small college, you are a representative of the school. You get a lot more opportunities in leadership role and you have the ability to make a difference!

Venus Ho
Agricultural Business
Hong Kong, China

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