Alumni Profile: Jimmy Sardelli

 Hometown: Malone, NY
Graduation Year: May 2006

Why did you choose to attend Morrisville?

“I loved the hands-on approach. Compared to many of the other programs that offer Equine Science, Morrisville's program requires much more hands-on time. There were always opportunities to learn more, whether it was peaking in on another groups’ training session, watching in the breeding shed, or sticking around during your free time to watch various vets and farriers.”

What did you do after leaving Morrisville? What are you doing now?

“After graduation, I continued working for the Wexner family outside Columbus, OH; I had finished my internship with them, and stayed on board. As they decided to stop showing the horses at home, I moved on to On Point Farm, on Philadelphia's Main Line. At On Point Farm, I was the barn manager as well as the rider for the owner. I was lucky enough to work with many great trainers, compete, and even do a little fox hunting. The owners of On Point Farm had decided to change their objectives, and at that point I moved into retail. I was the sales manager for Malvern Saddlery, an equestrian boutique on Philadelphia's Main Line. Recently, I was offered an Equestrian Account Executive position with Hermès Sellier. I am pleased to represent the entire collection of luxury equestrian products.”

How did your education at Morrisville get you to where you are today?

“There are many aspects of my education that have helped me get to where I am. A Morrisville education will help you build contacts in business, and these contacts help to open doors along the way. Work ethic is vital in a program that is as hands-on as this one, and that is a trait that many people entering the workforce are missing. Another vital resource is a network of people that you can count on for guidance, even after graduation.”

What do you like about your profession?

“I'm lucky to work in a field I am truly passionate about, and not everybody is that fortunate.”

What professor and/or staff member influenced you?

“I worked very closely with Lisa Eklund from my second semester until I graduated. She helped me design a plan to graduate with my BT in 3 years.

The entire Equine department was also very helpful. They always wanted what was best for the horses, and if you were willing to pitch in, they were more than willing to help you.”

What was beneficial about the 2 plus 2 equine program?

“I initially wasn't sure if I was going to continue at Morrisville to complete my B.T., but I'm glad I did! The education I gained over the second 2 years has been extremely beneficial for management and business practices. The connections gained through internships and the opportunities to work with professionals within the business have also been invaluable. You never know where the professional world will take you, so having the Bachelor's degree is extremely important.”

What was Morrisville like when you were attending?

“When I was at Morrisville, we were a close group of students (the equine kids), usually looking out for each other. We worked hard together and we played hard together.”

Were you involved in any clubs, organizations, activities or sports while at Morrisville?

“I was a member of the riding team. I kept myself very busy with the horsey things around campus. I was also a campus tour guide.”

What advice would you give current students?

“Be aware of things that are going on around you. For a small school, there are so many great opportunities: academic, sports, social, etc.... The more you put into your education the more you will get out of it. Know that there are always opportunities to do more and explore deeper, but you have to be willing to put in a little more effort.”