Alumni Profile: Devin Maxwell

Hometown:  Culver City, CA
Graduation Year: December 2012

What has happened since graduating from MSC? 

“I work for the English Lacrosse Association as a Local Development Officer (LDO) for the Wilmslow Phoenix Sports Club. Wilmslow is a town in the greater Manchester area (United Kingdom location). My objective is to promote the growth of lacrosse in an area that is considered the ‘hot bed’, by growing it in the community and throughout the country. Some of my duties include: clinics, camps and coaching a junior lacrosse team. I was also selected to play for the senior 1st lacrosse team, which consists of only 13 of the best lacrosse players. The senior 1st team is the best team at the club that competes in the premiership league similar to the NCAA in the USA.”

How have you used your degree after college?

“My degree from MSC has helped my team and myself significantly. Using knowledge from my major, I can help improve the conditioning of the 1st team players, helping them to perform at their highest level. The athletes have to be able to maintain a certain level of conditioning in order to perform at 1st team level. When the athletes start to focus more on their fitness, the performance level of the club improves.”

What is the most important lesson you learned at Morrisville?

“Morrisville helped me reach my goals by teaching me how to be proactive and hands-on. All of the hands-on experience I had in my labs helped me become more confident in my delivery of knowledge and people skills. Morrisville helped shape who I am today.”

What MSC staff/faculty has influenced you and why?

“Coach Jason Longo helped me by giving me all the tools to be successful on and off the field, including discipline, structure and organization. Coach Longo gave me the motivation to pursue the sport I love at the highest level possible and taught me to never give up. I was able to use the knowledge and experience I gained from him to help grow the game [lacrosse] in LA and now in the UK. Coach Longo was a great mentor for me, both as a coach and player. Morrisville is lucky to have him!”