Student Profile: Brandy Ehrenschneider

Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Graduation Year: Spring 2015

Why did you choose to attend Morrisville?
“I didn’t even know about Morrisville until the volleyball coach talked to me about playing at MSC. So when I came to visit the college they had the program that I was interested in studying, and I’ve always wanted to move to New York.”

What activities have you been involved with on and off campus?
“So far I’ve been involved in volleyball, Architecture Club and the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC.) SAAC is made up of student-athletes who get together to address athletic issues on campus and I enjoy that. I’ve also been playing volleyball since I was in 7th grade, so volleyball has been a huge part of my life. I love the game and the whole aspect of it. The Architecture Club gets together to do fun things, like holding a haunted house to fundraise.”

What MSC professor has influenced you? Why?
“I would have to say my First Year Experience (FYE) professor, Professor O’Neil, has been influential. He’s been so nice and understanding. He was always there for me when I had problems. I really enjoyed my FYE course. Also, my volleyball coach Fred Wallace has been an influence. He is the whole reason that I am at MSC and I had a great season. He is there for me on and off the court and I couldn’t be more grateful.”

What has been your favorite campus event or activity?
“I went to a broomball game and it looked like a lot of fun, so I signed up for the next tournament. I’m really excited to play!”

What are your plans after college and/or your career goals?
“I’m still figuring out my career goals, but I really want to go into the design field. I want to do either set design, like movie sets or play sets, or I want to become an interior architect. I’m not 100 percent sure, but generally I know what direction I want to go in. I want to get my Master’s in interior architecture.”

What advice would you give other students?
“Make sure to go out and experience everything on campus.”