Alumni Profile: Eileen Farrell

Hometown: Johnsonville, NY
Graduation Year: Spring 2014

Why did you choose to attend Morrisville?
“I chose Morrisville because my grandfather attended a long time ago. It also had all three of the majors I was interest in at the time. Coming to Morrisville allowed me to have choices and it made it so I didn’t have to transfer to another college if I changed my mind.”

What activities have you been involved with on and/or off campus?
“I was on the softball team. I also participated in intramural volleyball my first two years. I really enjoyed playing softball. I love the sport and there were great girls on the team. All three of the coaches are great. For volleyball, I play for fun and I had a blast doing it. It was intramural but the people that were there were very competitive and it was fun playing with guys and girls. I was able to joke around and meet new people.”

What “fun fact” can you tell us about Morrisville that is not well known?
“What I like best about Morrisville is that it is big enough so if you want to avoid someone it’s possible, but you’re able to meet a lot of people because it’s still a small enough place.”

What MSC professor has influenced you? Why?
“Dr. Fred Weaver at the Norwich campus, he has been really great. I have him for most of my classes at Norwich and he does a great job teaching and getting everyone interested in the classes. He taught us a lot about how social work operates. Coach Wallace is great! He’s done a great job with the program, and is also always there when we need him.”

What has been your favorite campus event or activity?
“I like that they show movies on the weekend. I also like going to watch the football and hockey games.”

What are your plans after college and/or your career goals?
“I plan to return home – to the Albany area – and get my bachelor and master’s. Then eventually I would like to become a social worker.”

What advice would you give other students?
“Be open-minded and don’t stay in your dorm all the time. Don’t seclude yourself. Find something to do and go out. You will find stuff to do if you look for it and you’ll meet some amazing people.”