Alumni Profile: Paul Peters

Hometown: West Falls, NY
Graduation Year: Spring 2008 and Spring 2010

Why did you choose to attend Morrisville?
“I came to visit the campus and seeing the Automotive Building for the first time astonished me! The building is amazing with all of the glass, sitting atop the hill that overlooks the campus and the village. Additionally, inside the building the classrooms and the labs had cut-a-ways of engines and partially disassembled vehicles that really grabbed my interest.”

What did you do after leaving Morrisville? What are you doing now?
“I am a full time Ford employee working in the New York Region as a Field Service Engineer. I support 27 Ford and Lincoln Dealerships between NY, NJ and CT.”

How did your education at Morrisville get you to where you are today?
“The technical skills and all around experience helped me excel in a competitive workplace. While working in Michigan, the 4 year degree provided me with the foundation to move on to a position with greater responsibility and the opportunity to convert to a full-time, salaried Ford employee.”

What do you like about your profession?
“I was always interested in how things work and solving problems, and now I get to do both by keeping up with new technology in the field and helping to resolve vehicle concerns that the Dealership Technicians were not able to. It is a very rewarding position, and there’s never a dull moment.”

What professor and/or staff member influenced you?
“Gil Wistrup was an ASSET instructor and my advisor. I was always able to relate with his teaching approach and especially his attention to detail.”

What was Morrisville like when you were attending?
“Unlike any other school, the specific programs brought a wealth of knowledge and experience that you felt would apply to your life afterwards. I found that the majority of staff members had real working experience in their area of expertise before becoming instructors. There were also relaxing summer nights with a sky full of stars… and of course the snow!”

What is your favorite memory of Morrisville?
“Test driving the fuel injected ¼ scale vehicles we built in Professor Jones Advanced Automotive lab my 3rd year.”

Were you involved in any clubs, organizations, activities or sports while at Morrisville?
“Automotive Club!”

What advice would you give current students?
“Take advantage of each and every opportunity to get involved with special projects and groups. You will really value the experience and team building that will pay off in all of your future career positions.”