Student Profile: Matt Reape

Hometown: Watertown, NY
Graduation Year: May 2014

Why did you choose to attend Morrisville? 
“As a transfer student, I chose to attend Morrisville because of the variety of degree programs and the friendly environment. Instead of a Computer IT program that requires you to take all types of IT classes, I was able to enter one that is tailored more toward my interests within IT. Better yet, a program with a hybrid of business and IT classes to prepare me for my desired career future. Also, upon visiting, the teachers were very welcoming and throughout my time here at Morrisville they have always been available to offer help when I need it.”

What activities have you been involved with on and off campus? How have these activities helped you for your career?
“I have been involved in are ELITE (Educating Leaders in Today’s Environment), Phi Beta Lambda, intramural hockey and soccer. ELITE has taught me to build myself and my skills to become a better business leader and Phi Beta Lambda has helped me to develop leadership, communication and team skills. The skills from these activities will definitely help me for my career in the business world as an IT professional. These activities have allowed me to work and interact with others as a team, which are invaluable skills for any career.”

What was the most important class you have taken at MSC? What did you learn?
“The most important class I have taken at MSC is Management Communications (BSAD 300), taught by Professor Alfred Muss. I learned how to be an effective communicator, not only in my career, but also throughout my everyday life. I also learned to improve my presentation skills and how to communicate change, particularly based upon the audience. It is not often that you can learn about how important change is through a book about cheese!”

What MSC professor has influenced you and why?
“Although several MSC professors have greatly influenced me, Professor Tyler has influenced me the most. He has been my professor for three vastly different types of IT courses, yet I very much enjoyed and learned an incredible amount in each. When signing up for the third course, I ran into a few problems and he helped me out. Professor Tyler suggested that I sign up for the CompTIA Security+ certification. It turned out that the Security+ was the turning point of my career. I devoted a majority of my summer toward earning it and I learned so much. It helped me to understand core concepts more thoroughly and I believe it is what made me stand out from other candidates for the job I was offered. In addition to teaching me how to work through complex problems, Professor Tyler has inspired me to succeed in my career.”

What “fun fact” can you tell us about Morrisville that is not well known?

“One fact not well-known is that if there is some sort of repair that needs to be done on your car, there is a chance that Automotive Technology students can do the work and it will count as a lab. There is no cost for labor, only parts.”

What has been your favorite campus event or activity?
“My favorite campus activity was the very last session of ELITE: formal dining. We began by learning about business dining etiquette. Then, we ate the most amazing four-course meal that I have ever had, prepared and served by Morrisville State College culinary professionals. Who would have thought that the best dinner I would have would be at college?”

Where have you interned? What have you learned through your internship experience that will help you in your future?
“I still have one more semester of coursework to fulfill, but I did have an internship arranged at JPMorgan Chase & Co during winter break. What I have learned through obtaining this internship is that students should network with classmates as well as faculty and take advantage of all of the services that the college has to offer. An alum and good friend of mine, Joseph Snyder, works at JPMorgan and set me up with an interview there. That interview led to another set of interviews in New York City which landed me a two-year, full-time job in their Corporate Development Program (CDP). Joseph had acquired his job from a former classmate who had obtained the job the same way, and the chain goes on and on. However, I do not believe I would have done so well if it was not for Barbara Roback in Career Services spending hours to help me improve my resume and prepare me for the interviews. She has been a wonderful asset. In addition, Professor Alfred Muss and Professor Chris Scalzo offered extra last minute interview questions and tips.”

What are your plans after college or your career goals?
“Starting winter break and through the spring semester, I plan on working at JPMorgan in Syracuse as an intern. The summer following my final semester of coursework I will be moving to New York City to begin JPMorgan’s CDP as a Technology Analyst, taking on the role of an Infrastructure Engineer. After completing the internship requirements through the IT Management program, I will graduate with my Bachelor’s degree. I will then continue to work through the two-year program and after broadening my IT skillset, I will hopefully continue to work for JPMorgan and grow in the company.”

What advice would you give other students?
“As I said before, network yourself with faculty and students and take advantage of all of the services that the college has to offer. Faculty members at MSC are always there to help you, so if you start to struggle or run into any issues, go get the help you need. Always network, you never know when faculty or classmates could provide job opportunities.  Be sure to utilize college services that are available, such as Barbara Roback in Career Services, as she can help you appear more attractive as a job candidate. In addition, take more classes than just the requirements. I have taken multiple IT courses beyond the mandatory ones for my degree in order to maximize what I learn here at MSC.”