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Cancellation List

10:27 AM

The following class cancellations for 10/21/2014 have been posted as of 10:27 AM.
Note: Click the faculty name for more information about a cancellation.

Class Cancellations

Silvia Bliss :: All Classes

No additional information posted

Thomas Pilewski :: All Classes

Study for the exam/quiz that will be on Thursday, October 23.

Fred Weaver :: All Classes

No additional information posted

Tutoring Cancellations

Shane Camp :: 10/21/2014

all sessions

Chantal Jean :: 10/21/2014

all sessions

Jenny Pennington :: 10/21/2014

all sessions

The college's web based class cancellation system provides faculty the ability to communicate a cancellation to their students by directly posting a class cancellation notice(s) on the Morrisville website. The system does not diminish or replace the need for faculty to communicate a planned or otherwise unavoidable absence to their School Dean even if alternative arrangements have been made.

Class Cancellation System