On-Campus Student Employment

Career Services

Hundreds of MSC students gain valuable work experience while earning monies to defray educational expenses in on-campus jobs through the college's Federal Work-Study (FWS) and Student Temp Services programs, and Morrisville Auxiliary Corporation (MAC).  See below for details about the eligibility standards and application process for each.   

On-campus positions are highly competitive so treat your on-campus job search as a general job search: apply early, make sure to fill out your applications completely and accurately, apply to multiple positions, and connect with Career Services for assistance. Just stop by our new offices in 318-319 Crawford Hall or call 315.684.6615 with your questions.

Federal law requires you present proof of your identity and your authorization to work before you can begin your job. Find out what documents you need to bring to present to be able to be hired. 

Federal Work-Study (FWS)

Work-study jobs are available only to students awarded FWS as part of their 2015/16 Financial Aid package.  Students awarded FWS must actively seek positions (with our help, of course!) through CCN-Morrisville, our web-based jobs and internships database. Click here for instructions on using CCN-Morrisville.  FWS jobs fill quickly, so if you received an award, make sure to act promptly to secure a position that works for your schedule and interests . 

All work-study awards are for an average commitment of eight hours a week, with compensation of $8.75/hour through December 2015, and $9.00/hour after January 1.  Students can earn up to, but not exceed, the full amount of their award. 

Visit our Federal Work-Study Employee Handbook for important information such as the documents that you need to bring to campus to get set up on the payroll (you can't start work until you have them), securing and completing timesheets, the payroll schedule, and procedures for securing a FWS award for future academic years. 

Contact us at 315.684.6615 or CareerServices@morrisville.edu, or stop by 318 Crawford Hall, with any questions about applying.  Keep in mind that work-study jobs are not guaranteed, so you'll want to act quickly once jobs are announced.  

Student Temp Services 

Student Temp Services jobs are in departments across the campus and are open to all students.  The majority of positions require specific skills such as having worked with dairy cows, horses, or certain software and hardware, or experience, such as having taken a class or been at MSC a semester, but a limited number of others do not. The pay rate is $8.75/hour through December 2015, and $9.00/hour after January 1.  Student Temp Services jobs require an average commitment of six to ten hours a week and are typically for the length of the academic year. 

Student Temp Services vacancies for 2015/16 will be posted in CCN-Morrisville, as they become available.  The majority, but not all, will be posted the first two weeks of the semester.  Click here for instructions on how to access and use CCN-Morrisville. Contact us at 315.684.6615 or CareerServices@morrisville.edu with any questions.

Morrisville Auxiliary Corporation (MAC)

MAC jobs in dining facilities, residence halls, and other service areas can be found through the "Student Employment" page of their website.  You can submit your application as soon as you have your class schedule for the semester you want to start work on-line through the link above or in the MAC Business Office in Hamilton Hall. Either way, you must complete the section requesting the hours you are available (leaving it blank leads to your application not getting reviewed). Follow up should be done directly with MAC at their Hamilton Hall office or by calling 315.684.6047.