Spader Horticulture Complex

The Spader Horticulture Complex has some of the most modern, state-of-the-art modern amenities available to
students. These include:
• 11,368 square foot greenhouse including a high efficiency computer-controlled climate, automatic heat / shade
control, ebb and flood benches, tropical display, and hydroponic production areas
• Raspberry Tunnel
• Outdoor Container Plant Nursery
• Satellite Food Production Greenhouse & Farm
• Campus Arboretum
• Botany & Tissue Culture Labs
• Soils/Horticulture Production lab
• Landscape Architecture Design Studios
• Flower Shop equipped with three walk-in coolers and a display cooler
• Floral Design Lab
• 50-seat lecture hall equipped for laptop use and state-of-the-art classroom instruction
• Photo-station
• Storage House for Materials & Equipment



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