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Financial Aid

Dave Crowley Memorial Scholarship

Dave Crowley Memorial Scholarship

Eligible Students: New Students

Awarded annually by the Morrisville Dairy program and the Crowley family
to an incoming freshman who has been accepted into the dairy program; is
a graduate of Red Jacket High School (part of the Manchester-Shortsville
School District), and who is a resident of Ontario County involved in the
4-H program. If no candidate meets those requirements, the student can be
a freshmen accepted into the Information Technology program in addition
to meeting the other criteria.

Foundation Scholarships

Please provide supplemental materials with your application only if required for to meet specific award criteria as noted in the description. Eligible candidates may apply for more than one scholarship using the same application.  (Please note, those listed with an * require a separate application - included online.)

The deadline to apply for most Foundation Scholarships is February 1 unless otherwise noted. Successful candidates will be notified March 1 prior to the start of the academic year unless a different award process is specifically indicated.

All submissions are reviewed by the MSC Scholarship Committee. In the event that no qualified applications are received, the MSC Scholarship Committee reserves the right to select a student who meets award eligibility requirements.

For more information on any of the following awards or scholarships, please contact the Admissions Office at (315) 684-6046 (Email: or the Office of Institutional Advancement at (315) 684-6020.

Foundation Scholarships require a scholarship application unless otherwise specified.