Language Arts and Literature

Women Artists
This site celebrates the strength and resolve of 32 women artists, ranging from 70 to 95 years old, who have persevered throughout the twentieth century and created a visual legacy for the future millennia.

Multicultural Crafts
Learn more about other cultures and places with these free craft patterns and projects. Use many creative techniques and supplies to make a variety of multicultural crafts, from

Women Artists in History
This site strives to create a network of women who are interested in the work of women artists.

Music Heritage Network
CHICO's Music Heritage Network (MHN) welcomes you to a dynamic community of educators, musicians, students and anyone interested in multimedia use and cultural studies.

Multicultural Song Index
A collective of educators and activists collaborated to create this index of popular songs that can introduce dialogue on various multicultural issues in the classroom. Categories include "Race and Racism," "Gender and Sexism," "Social Class," "Religion," "Age," and "Education."

Math and Science

Biographies of Women Mathematicians
Larry Riddle of Agnes Scott College, maintains this collection of short essays on more than 100 female mathematicians. Browse through the entries by name or by chronology.

The compatibility of good mathematics tasks with good multicultural teaching strategies
Barbara W. Grover and Marcia Seeley of the Ohio University and Allegheny Schools Partnership developed this set of questions to help guide math teachers in their process of creating effective lesson plans for a diversity of students and learning styles.


American Women in Uniform
"Captain Critic" hosts this set of interesting and informative resources about women in the military. Features include "Women in Vietnam," "Women in Combat," and "Myths, Fallacies, and Urban Legends about Military Women."

History Matters
A collaborative project between the City University of New York and George Mason University, this site is comprised of a large collection of progressive, active teaching and learning resources for high school and undergraduate college students. Read articles, download monthly quizzes, search for classroom activities, and dialogue with other educators on topics of historical importance.

Native American Documents Project
California State University, San Marcos, hosts this impressive collection of documents related to Native American experience in the United States. Resources include a list of existing reservations, published reports, letters, chronologies, and maps.

Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust
The Florida Center for Instructional Technology offers an impressive collection of teaching and learning resources including photographs, movies, music and sound files, art, classroom activities, and historical timelines.

Historical Speeches Archive
The Multicultural Pavilion hosts this collection of links to several defining speeches in human rights history.

ESL/TEOSL and Bilingual Education

Bilingual Education from Education Week
Education Week on the Web offers this special topics section exploring bilingual education and related issues. Among the plethora of resources available through the site is a section describing various bilingual education methods, a series of original articles and essays, and a directory of related Web sites.

Dave's ESL Café
Dave Sperling created, and continues to build, this collection of resources for ESL and EFL students and teachers around the world. The Cafe includes discussion forums, a guide to other Web sites, and ideas to work for education and change.

Dr. Mora's CLAD Website
Jill Kerper Mora's site on cross-cultural language and academic development includes a "roadmap" to the bilingual education debate and strategies for biliteracy teachers.

ESL Lessons, Games, Ideas, and Links
John Korber has assembled a diverse collection of classroom resources and materials. Incorporate these resources into your curriculum, or submit ideas and lesson plans that have been successful for you.

Karin's ESL Partyland
Students and teachers will find a plethora of interesting and engaging teaching and learning resources in Partyland including quizzes, discussion forums, lesson plans, and other educational materials.

Language Policy Web Site
James Crawford hosts this site that includes many of his speeches and papers about language policy and bilingual education.

Model Strategies in Bilingual Education
This report of the Office of Bilingual Education and Minority Language Affairs, part of the U.S. Department of Education, highlights promising practices in current bilingual education practice and the guiding principles of those practices. Topics addressed include cooperative learning in the bilingual context, preparing new bilingual educators, and promoting students' academic success.