Diversity Statement

Institutional Diversity

This world is not filled with people who look alike, think alike, or act alike. At Morrisville State College, we strive to provide the kind of environment, a diverse environment, that resembles the world our students will live in when they graduate.

Certainly, differences create challenges which often try everyone's patience, but we gain a tremendous competitive advantage in the diverse world by knowing and understanding the culture of others. It is also important that we do this without giving up our own individual heritage, and it is important that we retain pride in our cultural traditions, families, ethnicity and national origin.

In other words, we must keep the hyphen in our American designation. The hyphen may be the most important punctuation mark in American history (African-American, Latino-American, Asian-American, Arab-American, European-American, Native-American, etc.).

We are great because we are diverse. We are the most diverse, the most multi-racial, the most multi-linguistic, multi-ethnic, multi-religious nation in the history of the world. Our challenge is to create pride in our heritage without creating prejudice or a sense of superiority.

  • How do we promote freedom of speech while combating bigotry?
  • How do we create value without creating villains?

Morrisville State College is an excellent environment in which to develop and find answers to these kinds of questions. In fact, you may never answer questions like these if you aren't willing to enter an environment of imperfect people from different backgrounds.

It is our goal that the learning environment at Morrisville State College truly reflects the wonderful and rich diversity of America - the beautiful mosaic that includes so many cultures.

Learn to make judgments about others based upon experience rather than prejudgments.

Let's encourage individuals to know each other, reduce prejudice, develop open minds, enrich lives and open communication.