Program Review and Assessment of Student Learning in the Major

According to SUNY Policy, each campus, following existing curriculum and governance procedures, is responsible for overseeing program review and the assessment of student learning in academic majors. Campuses and programs have maximum autonomy in the development of assessment plans for academic majors, but it is recommended that plans reflect input from faculty, professional staff and students. The assessment of student learning outcomes is only a part of the comprehensive program review process academic programs should undergo on a regular basis in order to stay current and provide the best possible education to their majors.

In carrying out their assessment plan, all programs shall:

  • Complete one cycle of assessment every five to seven years, or on a cycle of programmatic accreditation of ten years or less;
  • Include measures of student learning outcomes;
  • Seek review of their final assessment report by an external review team, including a campus visit and report to the chief academic officers;
  • Include a strategy for measuring, specific to designated learning outcomes, change in students' knowledge and skills over time.

Programmatic accreditation by an accrediting agency recognized by the Commission on Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) or the U.S. Secretary of Education that includes assessment of student learning satisfies the requirement for program review and assessment of student learning in the major.

The following webpage contains Morrisville State College student data by academic program, SUNY Program Review Resources, and programmatic samples.


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