Unit Assessment Process

During the spring of 2009, the Morrisville State College academic community focused our attention on developing a local assessment process to measure unit outcomes. This process was supported by a presidential charge and facilitated by the members of the Institutional Assessment Committee. The committee asked for a simple assessment plan from each unit on campus. The institution operationally defined a "unit" on the academic side as an active degree or certificate program with current enrollment and at the same time developed an effective grouping of units on the academic and educational support (AES) side.

The following webpage contains current unit assessment plans and reporting forms summarizing the use of the data collection, committee information, historical background and assessment schedule.

Presidential Charge

President Cross created the Institutional Assessment Committee and gave it a 3-part charge to:

  • Prepare a comprehensive campus assessment plan.
  • Educate the campus on the need and benefits for this plan.
  • Report regularly to the president and the campus community on the status of our comprehensive assessment efforts.

Unit Assessment Links